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I can help you with your next Web, Controls, Automation, or Robotics project.

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I am a Robotics Engineer with a degree from WPI. I offer a wide range of technical services from controls systems, to electronic prototyping to web development to operation management. I can help you increase Production and improve ROI by implementing appropriate engineering solutions.

Factory Automation Strategy

With years of experience in high & low volume manufacturing, I can help you design a strategy for Connected Factory, IIoT, and Process Automation.

Controls Programming

Need help with programming or debugging? I have experience using Allen Bradley PLC's (Logix Family). I can help you develop an HMI, troubleshoot existing equipment, or create plans for a new projects.

Electronic & Robotic Prototyping

Bring your tech device to life! I can create a prototype using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and modern technologies. I am also experienced with 3D printing, soldering, debugging, and IoT.

Website & eCommerce Development

I can create your next website or eCommerce store using WordPress, WooCommerce, or Static Site Generators. Complete with SEO and optimized for your next sale.

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Flexible Engineering Services for Automation. Now available in the Domestic USA.

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United Technologies
Vision X Lighting
Learn Robotics

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